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$25,000 Headphone adver project

Okay guys this is One of the biggest Opportunities we have been able to share with our members this year!

So time to put the big underwear on and man up!

This was sent as a third party request

Any music for this search has to be bass focused and new release (anything that has come out since 26th June to mid-September).

It needs to have some label or management support behind it so it has a real chance of blowing up whilst being used in the listening stations for the headphones.

Genre; EDM-crossover, hip-hop or indie like Tame Impala is ok.

Songs CANNOT have profanity or be associated with drug use to any explicit content.

List of the artists / tracks liked by the client for reference;

o -Flume
o -Odeza
o -Kygo
o -Calvin Harris
o -Electric Guest
o -RAC-Let Go
o -Anderson Paak- Dang!
o -Starfucker
o -King Cruele-Easy Easy
o -Thunder Cat
o -Bot’ox –Blue Steel
o -Diiv- Doused
o -Made in Tokyo- Skateboard P, Uber Everywhere
o -Abra
o -Rae Sremmurd
o -Big Wild
o -Kaliuchus
o -Run the Jewels
o -Khalid
This is an On Spec project
The pitching phase of this project is a quality control process. If you are accepted into the workspace, you will then be able to submit your work for review. The project owner can then choose whether to accept your work (along with any payments/terms agreed).

Please do you research and make sure you explain to us how the track(s) fits into the specifics of the brief above.


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