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How to choose a low cost MIDI Controller

We are going to be talking about how to choose a low cost MIDI Controller for both Home Studio Recording and Professional Recording.

Today on MUSIC MILLIONAIRES TV we help producers who have just kick-started their music studio and need advice on how to choose MIDI Controllers for new studios.

Today’s main focus is based on affordable MIDI Controllers. MIDI Controllers are essential for home studio recording and professional recording; firstly, we discuss low cost MIDI Controllers for home studio recording:

What is your Budget? - The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you need to spend. Normally, the price is determined by the number of keys on the MIDI controller; the higher the key count, the higher the price.

How big or small do you want it? (Portability/size) - For home studios, you need to consider the size of the room or space you’re going to use for your studio. For home studios, a 25 and 32 key MIDI Controller is advisable. These keys also determine the size. A smaller size is important and comes highly recommended for musicians or producers who travel a lot.

What type of key-make do you want? - You should decide on the key-make according to your personal preference. The key-make has different functions such as: synth-action, semi-weighted, full-weighted or equipped with an after-touch. Choose your MIDI Controller based on your own style of music composition.

Do you want MIDI pads on your MIDI Controller? - Newly advanced MIDI Controllers include ‘drum pads’ which are not only used for drums but other sounds as well. This feature will save you the stress of getting actual drums, its ideal if you want a drum-machine; it’s the closest thing to real drums.

Is the loaded Software important to you? – The software in the MIDI Controller is important. It normally includes programs like DAW which means Digital Audio Workstations. Other Controllers use FX or VST’s; which are the sounds you will use on your MIDI Controller. Not all MIDI Controllers come with these software functions so it is best to know what to look for.

Do you want other functions? – Other functions such as: arpeggiators, knobs, faders, buttons, mod and pitch bend wheels or other performance controls. These functions are additional and may be relevant as extra features. For A lower budget, you don’t necessarily need these features as they are included in more expensive Controllers.

Quality- The quality of your Controller will determine how long it will last. A low cost MIDI Controller should also be good value for money. Try to get as many functions and features on your low cost MIDI Controller to add more versatility to your work.

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If there’s any information you need or that we may have left out! Remember, low cost does not mean it is a bad MIDI Controller. Just consider what you need and how you work to buy an affordable MIDI Controller.

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