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Many producers ask me what is the most powerful tool they can use for creating a Track, that grabs a potential clients attention and makes them want to buy your music right there on the spot, and many have asked what is our secret to production, well Both have the same answer, and I PROMISE YOU, once I share this secret with you, you will be shaking your head, because it will change the entire way you have been producing tracks and change your focus!

My name is SG-1 from the Grammy Award winning Team Tha Piecemakerz and we try and teach producers & artist the secrets of the Music Millionaires and Entertainment elite!

Now make sure to stay TUNED til the end of this video to find out how to make use & utilise what I am going to share with you


Now firstly let me say that of course the most important tool in your production kit is obviously your BRAIN, and no thats not click bait nor is it my answer to this episode, but I have to make sure we were clear to that simple analogy first!

However there is a simple resource and tool that it took us the longest time to realize producers use , and because we were so excited just to work with them, we overlooked it!

The talent that producers & artist like yourselves posses is often times Phenomenal and truly impressive to the point words can not express.

And I would be remorse not to highlight that of course, each production tool in your arsenal is important and useful. For Producers that use MPC's or even Maschine's every piece of equipment in your possession put into the proper hands can be a production nuclear bomb!

Ready for the right Label or Artist to realize its full potential to possibly be the next Grammy awarding winning song.

However what tool are you missing right now in your KIT, that will make sure people step back and actually listen, and not just listen want to purchase your music?

So let me get passed the obvious , and say I already mentioned hardware!

Which now should make you think, is he talking about my Sample Kit?

Well even though I am not referring to your sample kit, I can not put enough emphasis on a strong powerful Beat Kit, and the importance of having one at your disposal.

Matter fact a proper kit will have small portions here and there to the actual secret I am referring too.

Now I am not gonna keep you guys in suspense, however If once I tell you what the most important tool you can have is, I hope you don't click off of this video, thinking Oh that's it, and then try and get one!

Because I'm gonna share with you, how to keep these tools at your disposal and how how many you should have.

We worked with producers constantly like the Justice League and of Course Andre Brissett who became a part of the team but couldn't understand why they constantly gave us tracks we didn't have to pay for!

Because we were their secret weapons to getting Majors to hear their music. That's right Song writers, Artist, Vocalist, singers and yes each can be separate in title depending on who they are and their skill set, but are all the same when put together for a final project.

The best Tool you can have as a producer is a songwriter !

Think about it, how many ways can you a High hat, or Snare drum, or Bass, or Guitar?

What have you learned from watching old music stories about the great producers of the past. Quincy Jones, Barry Gordy, Jimmy Jam and the list goes on!

For you Millennials, you may have to Google these old heads if you never heard of them!

Any way, you heard that they were Great producers & business men, but they found the Singers and song writers that, took their music to the top! And gave them legendary music that made history and residual royalties their future grand babies can eat from!

Yes, I said it, you need a songwriter on your team! And not just a song writer but a couple of them, male and female if possible!

Now fortunately for us, we had SLY pyper, whom because he took music classes and understood music theory, understood octaves and note progressions, and could sing in a octave today's divas strive for. So not having a female songwriter with us wasn't a deal breaker for placements, but eventually we searched for female vocalist to reference our expressions!



Look for Rappers as well, sometimes all a successful rapper need is a Hook and Melody to go by, and he or she is off to the races with inspiration from just the suggestion of a creative concept.

Now how do you get there finding that Platinum team? There are many ways I can suggest, and my brain is boiling over with all of these ways I can share, but I'll keep it simple, just this once!


Yes give away one of your hottest tracks, to not just a Rapper or Lyricist, but a potential songwriter as well. Let them know, it is non exclusive, however, You would like rights to be able to shop it or post it as a reference for others to see how your music and their ideas flow together. Now that doesn't mean you have to list every ones reference to your production, just the hottest ones, you think did your music Justice!

Then ask if they are up for collabs possibly in the future, that could land you guys song placements.

However be realistic and open to if they are only looking to release the music for themselves, and if so, then work out other terms!

But keep in mind all we are looking for is a Bomb Hook, and in the case of Songwriters maybe just a strong intro, with a verse and hook, so a potential client can get a feel for where the song is taking them.

Lastly don't be afraid to mix and match.

What I mean is use your rap artist along with your songwriter or vocalist, to get that triple threat. Oh and let me say this don't be surprised if you run across a Rap/ Singer songwriter that also have a set of Pipes.

I don't know what they are putting in the MILK these days, but Talent is being spit out like baby rabbits!

Now with this topic, I can share so much more however, I will leave that to other project we have planned for you guy later!

But on a side note for myself and the Team, we are always looking for HOT Producers & Vocalist to bring on to THA PIECEMAKERZ and if you think that is You, contact us via my email ASAP!

Also I'm looking for Team, to join me. If you like what I am doing , and feel you an bring something to the Table hit me on my email: Musicmillionaires@gmail.com

To my PieceMakerz


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