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Video Training # 1

Hey guys, I keep saying the most important thing you can understand is that "THIS IS A BUSINESS" and what I am going to do, for those of you you have not signed up yet, is show you just how simple it is to MAKE YOUR MUSIC BUSINESS LEGAL!

Now this Video is 1 of a 3 part series, and ALL  3 videos need to be watched in order to make sure you have your i's dotted and t's crossed.

We’ve packed our best-kept secrets -- all of the most impactful lessons we’ve learned through 30 years making a living off the MUSIC BUSINESS , ......however if you do not do this one crucial thing, you could be setting your self up, for failure before even getting started.

(Watch this video now)

Now for those who decide to sign up to Join Tha Team, you will get Priority opportunity for music submission placements for Clients who contact us for music. In order words we are sharing our placements with you!!!

But only for a limited time, and for those who take action and see the VALUE in that alone...

We have 1 member who as of July 10th got 3 placements with a NFL client of ours alone. And We have 2 other members that are being considered right now!

Anyways make sure if nothing else to look out for emails and notifications for NEW placement Opportunities !

Okay talk to you soon!

SG-1 ( Tha Piecemakerz)


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